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06 September 2010 @ 06:32 pm
So three things going on. Worst comes first which is my computer is broken, it's gonna cost £240 to fix it and I don't have a job and live off benefits with the parents still. Then I'll get onto the literal awesomeness that is Misha Collins and other stuff I've been doing.

So my computer, my beloved Ezri Dax, broke. It kept on insisting it was at maximum brightness when it was in fact on lowest. Which makes it kinda hard to work on. Take it in and intial thought is it could be one of two things - one costs £76 and the other £120. But it's probably the first. It isn't. So they start checking other things, it's been gone a bit but I got the call about a half hour ago that it is, in fact, the entire flipping monitor and not some connector thing and thus is costing £240 including VAT. It's a good thing I trust these guys or I'd be blowing my head off by now.

It's not great, though Dad offered to pay half of it (though he hasn't heard final price yet) which helps a LOT. As in tons and tons lots. But it's still a lot and it's still going to hurt. This aint fun. Right now I have the vague wish I was Ron Weasley and had Harry around to ask for help except I think I'd take a book out of Ron's page and not ask cause it wouldn't sit right - too presumptious, taking advantage of friends type thing which isn't right but I have no money so  who wouldn't have a few thoughts like that.

I am, needless to say, using my Mom's computer. Which I bought her when I had a job years ago. What goes around I suppose.

In happier news, OMFG MISHA COLLINS is amazing. Yesterday he ran a marathon. Well, 83k so that's almost two marathons. On his own, not as a part of a big organised run. For charity. I hear he hasn't got work today so I'm glad for that but I expect he'll be sore for a bit yet. He ran for 11 hours. ELEVEN HOURS. I mean, seriously that is where the literall meaning of the word awesome can acurrately be used.

He raised over $94, though it may go up with people going 'oh eff it, I'll put in more and double it' cause of the amazement. Though some who did pledges they can't pay now may balance that out. I pledged 25p/km myself thinking a) he wouldn't get this far and b) my computer was nice and healthy and wouldn't need any fixing. I'll still pay it, though not now when I'm actually able to. The full £25 as if he'd done the full 100km.

It is simply amazing. The guy is nuts, he's quirky and he's odd. But he's realised the power of his fans and their efforts, gotten them together formed an actual registered charity that's helped Haiti ever since the earthquake, even after the massive money outpouring from minions in the aftermath. And now he's run two marathons. I hurt just looking at pictures of him when he updated his progress. I know he only plays an angel on TV but... he's a remarkable person in real life it would seem. Knew that before but this just caps it off. Valen on a pogo stick, Valar above.

And Oxfam. Been volunteer work there as I don't have a job, at this warehouse that's basically one of their hubs for their online store. It's pretty amazing actually. Put books, shoes, clothing, stamps, music and whatever up on the web page. I've mostly done clothing which is odd for me but I seem to be good at it. And I've always had this view about charity shops and the quality of clothing in them and so on but there's some great stuff that goes through there. Not all of it my style, some of it I really wanted but was honest and put what I thought they could actually get up on as a price anyway but a lot of great stuff. Didn't expect that.
15 August 2010 @ 08:10 pm
Does anybody know if there's some sort of fandom effort to help out with Pakistan like there was with Haiti and Chili?
12 July 2010 @ 11:35 pm
SO, I hope most of you have heard of the Harry Potter Alliance, a fandom group based in the Harry Potter fandom but does include some others that does a lot of great charity work and not just during the Haiti and Chili disasters. In any case, there's this thing on facebook where there's a vote for charities and the winner gets ton of money (and the runners up get some, just a fair bit less).

But HPA is in second place. We need more votes, now.

We really do, we need more votes and we need people to go out and get others to go vote. The link is HERE and if it shows up blank, it's cause it's busy with heavy traffic and just try again and again. It's easy enough to bit with the start to vote link on it, the instructions come up and it's EASY so long as you have facebook. Doesn't matter if you never use your account on there or on it all the time.

For fans, not just of Harry Potter but of story, imagination, and the desire for fandom to go out and help fandom help the world - VOTE, please! We have until midnight EST.

And if you can spread the word, please do so!

LiveStream for it is HERE.
29 June 2010 @ 10:27 pm
So, it has been pointed out to me, and I was realising myself, that though I've been around LJ on comms and commenting I haven't actually been on my own LJ nor checking my flist all that often. Not sure why just ended up that way.

And I realise there's something I didn't tell you guy properly that I figured out what I am, in a way. See I've wondered for a a while where I fit in the sexual orientation spectrum. I knew I wasn't gay cause I didn't want to have sex with girls so I thought for a while that made me straight by default. Even if, really, I didn't want to have sex with men either. Thought for a while that made me bi cause, hey, want sex with both equally as much and had this tearful conversation with sethoz  about it one afternoon ages back. But it still didn't feel quite right cause I didn't actually want to have sex.

Then I found AVEN. And on my lord, AVEN! I mean, I'd heard the term asexual start to pop up on fandom!secrets and then when I looked into it eventually and lurked AVEN for a while I came to realise that yes, that's who I am. I'm asexual. Don't get sexually attracted to anybody regardless of sex or gender, don't particularly want sex and I'm pretty okay with it. It's a bit like freedom, figuring that out. Promptly went and told a few people cause hey, excitement!  Well, some more promptly than others.

I'm a demi-biromantic asexual!

What does that mean? Well, that I'm Ace for one, but that I get crushes on men and women. I have had crushes on both. The demi thing is on cause I'm some place between aromantic and biromantic. I get crushes, and I could fall in love one day, but I don't get them all that often. When I say that I mean RARELY. I identify as asexual first, but if it helps you, think of it basically like a someone who is bi but doesn't actually want sex with anyone.

Doesn't mean I can't appreciate someone looking good and having aesthetic tastes mind, just don't get the sexual attraction component.

How does this go with Pride? I'm going to London Pride 2010! Hell yes I am! Last year some AVENites marched in the San Francisco Pride and since then it's been done a few other places. They did it again the Sunday just gone and some of us located in Britain decided to do the London one this year!

Yup, that means I'm marching in London Pride 2010! WOOOOOO! We have a banner, the guy organising it (on the AVEN side) is printing off some leaflets we're writing up up, we've got purple shirts and we will be there marching through London with heads held high and showing we exist and we're real.

It's rather scary, and I was so so scared about deciding to go at first. But I'm glad I did. Kinda outed myself to my mom, and I've no idea what she's making of it and I'm just not ready to really talk about it with her. But then I've never been that good at talking about personal stuff with the parents. Dad still doesn't know. I think it might be easier if I were gay cause they at least would get what that means and what that is. And, I have a sneaking suspicion, probably what they though I was for a bit. Or wondered.

Oh, and I'm still jobless. Which is crappy in several respects. Though the idea of not being jobless is starting to gain its own sense of fear now. Yay for my instinct of running away from all people when I'm freaked out or nervous.
05 February 2010 @ 03:35 am

Nabbed from archae_ology

SUPPOSEDLY if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list, post to your LJ and paste this as a note. Then, put +'s next to the films you've seen, add them up, and use your number as the header.

Movie's I've Seen on the Check ListCollapse )

This is obviously not working right. I fall under the limit, by the standards of this check list anyway, so I should have a life. But I DON'T! Muahaha quiz, you fail!
14 January 2010 @ 05:54 pm
First, Misha and his minions (including me, yay!) have raised at time of posting this $10,973 for UNICEF to help out with this tragedy. A link to that site is HERE.

Second, fandom in general has gotten together on livejournal to form help_haiti , an online fandom auction basically. People put up offers to do stuff like write fic, make icons or draw/paint art or make jewelery and so on so forth and people bid on it. There's also a flash round which is basically buying it outright rather than bidding. You can find me HERE and HERE.
13 January 2010 @ 05:28 am
Aside from the awesomeness that is Snow, Snow and MORE SNOW! (which is really rather rare in this part of England) I think I have my own LJ layout down and dusted. Stopped for ages whilst I was doing one for archae_ology  but I'm back on mine again.

And I think it's done.

Complete with rotating random banners! I may add more to the eleven up already but I have eleven, not form eleven fandoms (some shows like SPN, SGA, SG-1 and Who have two).

But yes, I think my layout is mostly done. First one I made from scratch! Well, technically Meg's is the first I completed from scratch but I started this one first and had it mostly done before I started doing hers so...
11 January 2010 @ 05:10 pm
Nabbed from archae_ology 

Repost this in your LJ if you know someone who has, had or has been affected by cancer! 93% WON'T even take the time to Copy & Paste this... Will you?

This is for...

My granma who died from cancer a few years ago in a death that was far too long and drawn out. I miss her still. And my mom who had skin cancer but it was luckily spotted early and cut out and she's in the clear thank Valen.
16 December 2009 @ 03:07 am
Film has a history over a century long, of people trying to tell stories, spark the imagination and inform and every now and then come along movies that push things forward, take the next step and take them well and in doing so drag the film industry into a new era. And Avatar is the latest of these. Inspired by this I decided to look into the history of it all and wrote this up. Lost about half of it, and was going to go into more detail but figured Stereo tech onwards was familiar enough with us all that I'd just gloss over it.

A Short History of Film

Under cut as it turns up long on some layoutsCollapse )