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'The Earth Isn't my home...

I am a Time Lord, I walk in eternity.' - 4th Doctor

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My Contact Details - On A Filter and my fan works such as fic or icons are found on neths_athari.

Name: Neth Dugan

Age: 23

Doctor: Nine. I love them all to the bottom of my heart (especially the last four) but Nine is my Doctor.

Books/Movies/etc I like: Grew up a Trekkie and still consider myself such. Stargate, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Earthsea, His Dark Materials, Farscape, Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Bones, Babylon 5, Matrix, Star Wars, Supernatural, M*A*S*H, Wizard of Earthsea, Firefly, The Guild, To Kill a Mockingbird, Life on Mars, and more.

Music I like: Queen, Pink Floyd, Elbow, David Bowie, The Who, U2, Goo Goo Dolls, and various other bits and bobs here and there.

I value my friends greatly, they're the best things in the world. Also, I could literally live at a convention if givin an oportunity to do so. Seriously.


A while back I got it into my head to make my userinfo a spoof of those where the person declares their never ending love for a celebrity they've maybe met a few times at a con if at all, how they would have that person's baby and so on so forth. The fangirl that makes other fangirls look back. The type of person that if you didn't know better you'd think were a 13-year-old teen with a glitter fixation.

I didn't pull it off.

I tried but I just couldn't go around proclaiming that I wanted David Hewlett's babies so on so forth. Even if I think he's a great actor, and a great person who also loves Doctor Who (Russel T Davies, give this man a guest apearence).

As a part of this though, I asked a few people to give fake and strange testimonials. Even if they only vaguely resembled me. What fallows are those testimonials. They're too funny to get rid of.

Neth is like the Doctor, only less angsty, shorter, not bipolar, she doesn’t have a TARDIS or a sonic screwdriver, she’s not over 900 years old either, she’s also, you know, not a guy, but she’s still like the Doctor!
-- archae_ology

Neth Dugan is the most awesome egg in the crate and I hope she cracks on me more often.
-- katydidmischief

My life was so empty beofre I found Neth Dugan's LJ. Now I see slash everywhere!
-- blackbeltbarbie

She's kinda strange, you know the feeling you get when you jump off of a roundabout that some twit has been spinning too fast...yeah...that feeling you get, just about to throw up and fall over, that's Neth.
-- dusantiago

Neth is so nice she let me borrow a pair of underwear once on a school trip...I had forgotten to pack some. Really, who else would do such a nice thing?
-- chickenwiretire


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My mood theme was made by __kali__. So thanks!

Unless stated otherwise, all the graphics on this userinfo are by me.

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